If you’re a mom, it’s a message that you probably see almost every time you open your phone. And the culprit? the 3000 photos and videos you keep on your camera roll. If you’re anything like me, you most likely just don’t feel up to the mammoth task of transferring those 3000 photos to your laptop. Sister, we’ve all been there. But here’s the thing: You are eventually going to have to get round it, and there’s no way of escaping that. So to help you on your way, here’s 3 handy ways of sorting through those photos effectively so that they will be useful and easy to reach in future:

1. DON’T store them on your PC

What if your laptop crashes permanently? You could lose years and years worth of memories! There are plenty of free online storage options available which will keep your photos much safer – the iCloud and Dropbox to name the two most mainstream options. These services are great because of the amount of storage they provide for free, although if you find yourself needing more, you can buy it. The QuickCloud is also an excellent option. Not only does it provide a secure and easy storage service, it also allows you to transform those photos and videos into home videos, prints, photo books and much much more. You can download the app here!

2. Don’t stop at storing them

Storing is boring, as a great philosopher once said (not really). But really, if you have a goal in mind regarding all those photos and videos, you will find yourself much more motivated to shift them off your phone to somewhere a bit safer. You could get them printed and turn them into a scrap book, or you could frame them, or, as mentioned in tip #1, you could order a home video containing all your favourite moments, and have it on your doorstep within a few days – that last one’s a particular favourite with our customers!

3. Delete the doubles

Yes, I know, its so hard to choose between 2 or 3 very similar photos, but you when you actually go through your camera roll, you will discover that you have several copies of pretty much the same photo. Trust me, you don’t need all of them. Let them go. Just. Let. Them. Go. This will whittle your hoard down to a far more manageable number, and you will appreciate it. I know it’s hard (because oh, weren’t they so cute back then, and you what if you accidentally lost the one you saved, and what if, what if, what if), but this tip promises to halve your workload.

 And there you have it!

All the best,

-the QuickFlics team-