Snacks are a bit of a conundrum for most moms out there. Either the ones you hand out to your little ones are delicious (so delicious that you guiltily keep 3 behind for yourself) but unhealthy, or they are packed with more nutritional benefits than you can count on both hands, and taste like spinach. Either way, they aren’t doing your kids any good. If they’re unhealthy, they’re not the best option for a kid’s daily lunchbox. And if they taste like salad – well, do you really think that little Sammy is munching away at his Ginger Orange and Watercress Lunch Mix while all his friends are working their way through KitKats? Not likely. Here’s a list of kid-friendly snack ideas for lunchboxes, road trips or just chilling at home:

1. Granola bars

Leave out the watercress on these babies, and you still end up with a snack which will keep your child happy while containing at least some of their 5-a-day. The awesome thing about granola bars is their versatility. A recipe may tell you to include raisins, but you can just as easily swap those out for apple, dried apricot, or cranberries. This means that the snack doesn’t get boring when you make it often. Here’s an easy recipe to get newbies started: Goodfood’s Cinnamon Berry Granola Bars.

2. Fruit/veg and hummus

Chopped apple and carrot on their own might not appeal to your little ones, but pair them with a yummy dip like hummus, and they’ll be an instant hit. This is a snack which takes 5 seconds, especially if you buy your hummus from the store. If you’re feeling brave, you could also make your own, but that’s not for everyone. Make these a lunchbox staple by packing portions of hummus in little Tupperwares, ready to eat.

3. Rice crispie cakes

Rice crispie cakes wouldn’t be considered your healthiest snack at first glance, but like granola bars, with a little twisting, they can be another way of selling that good old 5-a-day to the stubbornest 5 year old. Here’s a basic recipe, to which you could add all kinds of dried or chopped fruit!

4. Crackers + toppings

Whip out the graham crackers, slather them with peanut butter, top them with fresh fruit, and what do you get? A snack so yummy that you’ll finish it before it even reaches your kids!

Good luck!

-the QuickFlics team-