Sometimes, the old formula of sticking your favourite photos in a picture frame and putting it on the mantelpiece seems to get a bit tired. Spice things up a bit with these 4 easy ways to make your photo displays special! 

1 Put them in a scrap book or photo book!

 way of keeping all your most treasured photos in one place, while also making them look pretty. If you have the time and energy, digging out the old scissors and glue to make a scrap book is great fun – you could even get your little ones to join in! If not, QuickFlics offers a diverse range of photobooks, which are quick and easy to create, and will arrive on your doorstep within days! Download or open the app to check them out:  

2. Peg them to fairy lights  

Fairy lights + photos are a nostalgic combination which will look cute literally anywhere. Just string up the lights, clip the photos on using pegs, and boom! Instant prettiness!  

3. Turn them into magnets 

Why not be a little different, and turn your photos into magnets, instead of plain prints? Stick them to your fridge, and they’ll warm your heart every time you fetch a yogurt. Once again, QuickFlics is to your rescue with easy-to-order, bargainous prints right at your fingertips! Download or open the app now, to see what I mean:  

4.. Turn them into a home video  

If you’re someone who takes just as many videos as they do photos, you face a conundrum every time you decide that you want to turn those memories into a physical format. Home videos are a simple solution. You can free up space on your phone by putting the videos on a DVD or flash drive, and your kids will love watching the videos over and over again! QuickFlics will do the whole job of burning your files onto a DVD, and delivering it to you, making the entire experience much easier and faster! Open or download the app to get creating:  


-the QuickFlics team-